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About Time Equities Inc.

Time Equities, Inc. (TEI) is a full service real estate firm actively involved in the acquisition, development, conversion and management of commercial (office, retail, industrial) and residential properties throughout in US, five Canadian provinces, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Anguilla, British Virgin Islands.

For more than 50 years, TEI has found success in both bull and bear real estate markets. Our disciplined investment strategy focuses on staying "ahead of the curve."

In addition to space for lease or purchase, a number of TEI’s professional services are available to third parties.

Learn more about TEI's Philosophy, Portfolio, Departments, People and Partners below. 


Time Equities, Inc. has been in the real estate business more than 50 years. During this time, TEI has acquired a diverse portfolio with two guiding principles: a dedication to long-term ownership and opportunistic buying. Investment returns for each acquisition are analyzed using an immediate, mid-term and residual-value approach.

Portfolio Summary

Take an in-depth look at Time Equities Inc.'s Portfolio, which currently includes over 23 million square feet in property. 


Discover how each department contributes to the well-rounded, full-service company that is Time Equities.


The individuals who comprise Time Equities, Inc. are a collection of professionals with a variety of specialized backgrounds. Many of our staff members have worked under the vision and leadership of Francis Greenburger and Bob Kantor for decades.  We pride ourselves on the dedication of our employees, whom have extensive years of experience and expertise in their fields. TEI is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.


We are team players who provide strength in both leadership and supporting roles. We joint venture on projects when we can bring to the table the financial backing or expertise required on projects identified by another party, or where we have identified a project that would best be served by involving a local partner.


TEI was formed by Francis J. Greenburger in the mid-1960s to be an entity from which he was going to operate a couple of small office leaseholds he created. TEI would also provide real estate services to the various properties he was beginning to get involved with. Greenburger has said, "My first 'office leasehold' was really two offices I rented for a book distribution business that I owned, but I ended up subletting one of the two offices for twice the rent I was paying. This led me to conclude that office leaseholds could be a good business model." After more than 50 years of service, Time Equities continues to be a privately owned company.

All information and visual representations are from sources deemed reliable and are furnished subject to errors, omissions, modifications, removal of listings from sale or lease and to any changes in listing conditions including prices. Any square footage and/or dimensions set forth are approximations. For cooperative and condominium properties, the complete terms are in the Offering Plans available from the Sponsor. Time Equities Inc. (TEI) as leasing or selling agent and/or asset or property manager for the Sponsor/owner will direct all inquiries to the appropriate party. Securities offered through Time Equities Securities, LLC, member FINRA. Time Equities Securities and Time Equities, Inc. are affiliated companies. Time Equities Inc. is a Licensed Real Estate Broker.